BODHI for yoga and meditation products


Do you consider to practice yoga and meditation but you do not know what you need? On this information site you will find supporting products from the Bodhi Yoga program. With this we hope to inform you, as a distributor of a wide range of yoga and meditation products, which makes a good contribution to the wellbeing and welfare of the practitioner, in the right way.






Bodhi Yoga & Meditatie products

Yogitri supplies a wide range of yoga and meditation products. The yoga assortment includes yoga mats, yoga straps, yoga blocks, yoga bags, yoga bolsters, yoga blankets and yoga clothes. The meditation assortment consists meditation cushions, meditation mats, meditation blankets, meditation shawls, meditation benches and meditation chairs.


Bodhi Pilates & Fitness products

You can also contact Yogitri for all pilates and fitness products. The pilates and fitness assortment includes fitness apparel, fitness balls, fitness mats, foam rollers, hand and finger trainers.